24 Tips To Speed Up WordPress Performance (UPDATED) (6)

24 Tips To Speed Up WordPress Performance (UPDATED) (6)

Since you cannot change a user’s name in WordPress, you can use the Edit Author Slug plugin. How to Change WordPress Author Slug? From your WordPress dashboard, click on Posts. In some cases, unpublished posts may have the slug you would like you to use. Make sure you empty your bin, posts in your bin still keep the slug you created for them.

Make sure you are not using capital words in your WordPress slug. WordPress automatically chooses a slug for tags and categories. By publishing or updating a post, WordPress creates a slug for that specific post. When you are editing your post before finally publishing it, make sure the number 2 is not at the end of your slug.

The last step is to click the Insert into Post button. From Settings click on Permalinks. In the Common Setting section, choose your permalinks structure. Under the Publishing section, click on the cross icon to cancel the redirect. Even if your website is displayed minutes after a website with long slugs, users tend to click on the short slug.

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  • Page Performance
  • The database user. (I’ll refer to this as example_db_user)
  • Click “Update Profile” or “Update User”

WordPress allows us to change a slug to increase our website’s ranking. A WordPress template not only offers you the flexibility of expanding your site’s functionality, wordpress site slow – https://en.papawp.org – but it even helps you update your site with the latest trends in the online business world. FTP into your site’s root directory and upload the wp-admin and wp-includes folders from the zip file you just downloaded, overwriting the older versions.

By choosing a short slug, you can increase your click-through rate (CTR). Google algorithms pay extra attention to short and detailed slugs. Also Google loves it! Furthermore, categories are hierarchical, which means you can have sub-categories. How to Edit Slugs for Categories and Tags? From the opened menu, click on Categories or Tags. On the other hand, by seeing the keyword in Google’s search result page, users may click on your website.

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